18.09.07 - cork sinn féin begins anti-heroin campaign

Heroin dealing has recently increased in a number of areas of Cork. There have been five deaths from the drug this year. The recent seizure of €20,000 of the drug in St Lukes underlines this worrying trend.

Heroin has already devasted communities in Dublin, causing hundreds of deaths and ruining thousands of lives. It must not be allowed take root in Cork.

Sinn Féin is highlighting this problem now, when it is in its early stages, because we believe the authorities MUST ACT to stamp out heroin dealing before it can spread.

As the first element in this campaign, we are delivering a leaflet to communities across Cork giving some basic information about heroin and its dangers and where people can go for further information, advice, treatment and support if heroin is affecting them or their family. This leaflet can also be accessed here.

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