25.09.07 - Cutbacks in health services condemned

A Cork Sinn Féin Councillor has condemned the recent cutbacks by the Health Services Executive.  Speaking at tonight's council meeting, Cllr Fiona Kerins stated, ‘it is a disgrace that in this day and age, with an economy one of the richest in Europe, we are witnessing cutbacks in our health service’.                                                  

‘Once again these cuts will affect not the wealthier sectors of society who can rely on private health care or the well paid bureaucrats in the higher echelon jobs, but the poor and marginalised sectors of our society who depend on public health care provision and the lowest paid health employees like nurses and ancillary workers’.

‘This shows once again the need for an end to the two tier health system and the establishment of a properly funded universal health service free to all in need regardless of income and paid for out of general taxation,’ said Cllr Kerins. ‘The Government has the money available to it to do something worthwhile for this country instead of wasting the opportunity.’

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