10.8.08 - sinn féin challenges government silence on job losses

Sinn Féin’s Henry Cremin has challenged the silence of government TDs and Ministers in Cork about recent job losses at Pfizer.

“This week’s announcement that 180 jobs will be lost at Little Island, while a further 300 remain under threat at Ringskiddy, is a serious blow to the economy of Cork at a time of growing economic uncertainty.”

“Despite the seriousness of the situation, however, government Ministers and TDs in Cork – including the former Minister for Enterprise and Employment – have been silent. They have given no indication what, if anything, they intend to do to assist the workers at Little Island to find replacement employment or to secure the future of the plant at Ringskiddy.”

“Their inaction confounds the impression that the government is all at sea, with little idea what to do in the face of a mounting economic crisis.”

“Fianna Fail were only too ready to claim credit for the good times. The government now needs to step up to the plate and inform the people of Cork what it intends to do to secure the future of employment in the county.”

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