30.08.07 - Sinn fein oppose presence of british warship in cork

Cork City’s three Sinn Féin Councillors, Jonathan O’Brien, Annette Spillane and Fiona Kerins have issued a joint statement deploring the presence of a British Naval Vessel in Cork Harbour. The ship, HMS Westminster is currently docked in the Harbour and is expected to remain there over the weekend. Sinn Féin will be holding a peaceful protest at its presence tomorrow afternoon (Saturday 1st September, 3.00pm). In a joint statement the Councillors said that ‘while people may be feeling positive about the movements on British demilitarisation in the North, that does not mean that the Irish Government should be welcoming the British military back to Cork with open arms. The presence of this Warship is an affront not just to the sensibilities of Irish people trying to bed down the Peace Process in the North but also to the overwhelming majority of the Irish people who have justifiably opposed Britain and the U.S.’s. war in Iraq’. ‘Sinn Fein believes that by allowing a British warship the use of Irish Dock facilities the Irish Government is sending out the wrong message to countless millions of people around the world who oppose British military involvement in Iraq -.that in spite of the Irish people’s assertion of opposition to that war the Irish Government is nonetheless offering logistical support to the British military engaged in that war’.

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