Sinn Féin is an Irish republican party. We stand for the ownership of Ireland by the Irish people. We want to create an independent Ireland of equal citizens – a place of freedom and opportunity where the wealth of the nation is used for the benefit of all, and where everybody’s voice is heard.

We stand proudly in the republican tradition of Wolfe Tone, James Connolly, and Bobby Sands. We draw inspiration from the vision outlined in the Proclamation of the Republic in 1916. Our aim is to create an Ireland based on the values of freedom, equality, community and social justice. To achieve this requires ending the British presence in the North, and challenging the corrupt establishment that dominates politics in the South.


NATIONAL INDEPENDENCE: Republicans want to see an end to the British occupation of the Six Counties and the establishment of a 32-county socialist republic. We want to see Irish neutrality protected. We stand for a Europe that is a free association of nations rather than a federal superstate.

: Republicans want to see a society where everybody is given the opportunity to reach their full potential, unhampered by inequality, lack of education or inability to access health care. A society divided between the very rich and the very poor is a sick society. Sinn Féin stands for strong public services that guarantee a decent level of healthcare, education, housing and childcare to all. We want to see strong protection of workers' rights and a robust Trade Union movement.

STRONG COMMUNITIES: Republicans believe in protecting and strengthening the communities that are the fabric of our society. Planning should focus on building sustainable communities with the full range of facilities they need to thrive. Sinn Féin has a range of progressive policies to tackle the scourges of drugs and anti-social behaviour. We believe in social policies that will ensure people have the time and energy to contribute to their communities, rather than dividing their day between work and commuting.

MEANINGFUL DEMOCRACY: Democracy means people having a real say in the decisions that affect their lives, not handing authority to a clique of politicians to make decisions for them. Sinn Féin wants to see reform of the Seanad and a revitalisation of local government. We want to see every branch of the state – in particular the Gardai – made fully accountable. We are opposed to the undue influence of corporate power and corporate money on public policy.

SUSTAINABLE ECONOMICS: Prosperity must be based on sustainable foundations. Sinn Féin wants to see a greater emphasis on indigenous Irish industries and Research and Development, to counterbalance our overdependence on foreign direct investment. Economic growth must not be pursued at the cost of exhausting scarce resources or damaging the biosphere on which we all depend. We need a robust array of environmental protections and immediate action to combat the danger of global warming.

GLOBAL JUSTICE: Republicans want to see a world where every section of humanity shares in the benefits of economic prosperity and modern technologies. We are opposed to imperialism, whether economic, political, or military, including the US occupation of Iraq and the use of Shannon airport by American warplanes. We extend solidarity to the peoples of Palestine, the Basque country and others who are struggling for liberation and justice around the world.


Political change begins with activism and campaigning on the ground, not media sound bytes or parliamentary votes. For republicans, political activity is not confined to election time. Week by week and year by year, Sinn Féin is organising and campaigning in communities throughout Ireland. We believe that direct action and protest have a vital part to play in bringing about political change.

Recent campaigns in which Sinn Féin has been involved include:

            • “Five Demands” for moving towards Irish Unity
            • Improved health services
            • Rossport Five
            • Against the privatisation of Aer Lingus
            • Anti-collusion
            • Highlighting workers’ rights and displacement

The “Get Involved” page gives details of ongoing campaigns in which Sinn Féin is active in Cork and how you can play your part.

Click here to read key writings on republicanism and national liberation by Irish revolutionaries including Patrick Pearse, James Connolly, James Fintan Lalor, Robert Emmet, and Wolfe Tone. Our archive includes some of the most important documents in Irish history.

Click here to read classic writings on republicanism and socialism by political thinkers including Karl Marx, Jean Jacques Rousseau, and Tom Paine.

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For full details of all Sinn Féin's policies, visit our national party website,

Local policy documents from Cork Sinn Féin are below:

Reclaiming the Community: Tackling Anti-Social Behaviour in Cork (2006)

Sinn Féin Submission to Cork City Development Plan


For an historical outline of Irish Republicanism from 1798 to the present, click here

For a brief article outlining the historical background of republicanism in Cork, click here


Campaign Groups

An Fhirinne (victims of collusion)
Bloody Sunday Trust
British/Irish Rights Watch
CHASE (Cork Harbour Alliance for a Safe Environment)
Coiste nIarchimi (Republican ex-Prisoners)
Irish Anti-War Movement
Irish Council for Civil Liberties
Justice for the Forgotten (Dublin/Monaghan bombings)
Pat Finucane Centre
Peace and Neutrality Alliance
Relatives for Justice (victims of collusion)
Residents Against Racism
Shell To Sea

Independent Media

Indymedia Ireland


Amnesty International
Electronic Intifada (Palestine)
Communist Party of Cuba
Corpwatch (holding corporations accountable)
Hands Off Venezuala
Gramna International (Cuba)
Latin America Solidarity Centre
No Sweat Apparel
Irish Basque Committees
Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign

Irish Language

Conradh na Gaeilge
Lá (Irish Language Newspaper)

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